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Eduardo Méndez

About this Artist

“When a child or young person begins to play or sing in El Sistema, they immediately become full of hope. They begin to feel valued by their peers and teachers. They begin to understand that there is a different path than what the streets offer them. ”  

From his early years, Eduardo Méndez was formed in El Sistema, and his career includes being violinist with the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra, Academic Division Director, National Director of Nucleos (El Sistema Academic Centers), and leader of the Sectorial Direction for Music and Education until 2008 when Maestro José Antonio Abreu, founder of El Sistema, appointed him as Executive Director. Since taking up his current post, Méndez has steered the development of the project across Venezuela and in more than 72 countries with El Sistemainspired initiatives around the world, with an emphasis on increased social inclusion and higher standards of performance. He supervises major capital projects including the building of new educational facilities and performance spaces, which propels El Sistema’s nationwide network of over 400 nucleos to expand both in number and in scope. He also plays an active role in selecting, identifying, developing, and promoting musical groups throughout the institution, which range from major symphony orchestras to local choirs. One of Méndez’ key missions is to maintain the stability of El Sistema’s capital structure, as the institution employs over 10.,000 staff at present. He engages in strategic and negotiations with various parties including sponsors and public and private institutions for the development of artistic and educational programs. He also seeks to enhance El Sistema’s profile as one of the world’s most innovative social development programs in the field of classical music, with major international tours for multiple symphony orchestras as well as other initiatives. Graduated from the law school at Andrés Bello Catholic University, also obtained a degree as Specialist in Public Management from the Institute of Advanced Studies of Administration and Management, and lately he obtained the certificate of Professional Fundraising at Boston University.