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Trío Remembranza

About this Artist

In September 2015, in the town of Quebradillas, Puerto Rico, Trío Remembranza was founded by Mr. Grabiel Rodríguez Ortiz, a native of Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico. With deep dedication and a sense of fulfillment, the trio presents their musical talent directly from Puerto Rico.

Comprised of Mr. Angel "Junito" Delgado Jiménez, a founding member and the lead vocalist and third guitarist, alongside Mr. Angel "Guguini" Guzmán Camacho, also a founding member and the third vocalist and second guitarist, Trío Remembranza is led by Mr. Grabiel "Gaby" Rodriguez Ortiz, who serves as the second vocalist, first guitarist, and director of the group.

Throughout their journey, the Trío Remembranza has achieved extraordinary milestones, collaborating with renowned artists and performing at esteemed venues. Notably, they participated in the "LUVA" Tribute to Marc Anthony, masterfully blending salsa with their distinctive style. Their impressive performances include events like the "Velada Nacional de trío," "Velada romántica al atardecer," "Boleros del Alma 1," and "Boleros del Alma 2,” and "TRIOS” broadcasted on WAPA TV and Telemundo PR. Further, they represented Puerto Rico as special guests at the First International Festival of the Requinto Guitar in Anserma Caldas, Colombia, participating virtually due to the pandemic in August 2020.

In 2022, Trío Remembranza relocated to Orlando, Florida, where they engaged in television, radio, and virtual promotions. Their participation in the 1st International Romance of the Americas by Son3 Productions left a lasting impact as they fostered connections with trios from Mexico and Cuba. 

Their journey in the salsa genre included remarkable experiences with esteemed artists, such as Norberto Vélez, known as "Norbert," who invited Trío Remembranza to a special edition of "Sesiones desde la Loma" in February 2021. Furthermore, they had the honor of accompanying the romantic urban genre singer Rauw Alejandro on his "Rauw Alejandro World Tour 2021," making history by becoming the first trio to perform at the iconic José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico (the Choliseo).

Currently based in Orlando, Florida, Trío Remembranza is diligently working on their debut record production, featuring eight musical themes, including unpublished compositions from various countries. Notably, they collaborated with salsa singer Choco Orta and rising star Edwin "Calvito" Reyes. 

Known for their versatile and commercial style,Trío Remembranza skillfully embraces various genres, from bolero to guaracha, waltz, dance, bomba, chacha, bolero son, guajira, and more.

For more updates and delightful content, follow Trío Remembranza on their official social media platforms: Facebook (TRIO REMEMBRANZA), Instagram, and YouTube.