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Jimmy Bosch

About this Artist

Salsa Dura… JIMMY BOSCH plays it, lives it, and tells it like it is! A fiery exponent of the progressive sound he calls "Salsa Dura" (Hard Salsa), Bosch masterfully portrays his life experiences and musical inspiration creating Salsa for the next century. As New York's most sought-after trombonist, he reinvigorates the Latin music scene by projecting his essence vis-à-vis his emphatic solos and rhythmic melodies that emanate from his soul and through his trombone. Whether before a sold-out audience, or in the company of the fans at home, Bosch unabashedly raises the raw intensity of his all-star band, and other musical groups as a guest soloist, igniting the spirit to relish in the swinging and complex mosaic of contemporary Latin music at its best - Salsa Dura.

Born and reared in Hoboken, New Jersey to a Puerto Rican family, Bosch and his Salsa Dura are both a testament to and an evolution of Puerto Rican musical traditions. Bosch continuously re-invents the music of a culture with roots in Africa and Spain by drawing upon an eclectic repertoire: the plenas of an agrarian Puerto Rico, the Afro-Cuban mambo, the Beatles, American folk tunes, and the New York salsa of the '70s informed by straight-ahead jazz and contemporary rock.

Bosch began playing trombone in 1970, and at age 13 taught himself to play moñas (musical riffs). He frequented clubs in New York City with his trombone at hand, confident that he would one day land a gig with a major New York Salsa band. In 1978, while a student at Rutgers University, he was hired by Andy Gonzalez to work with Conjunto Libre, heralding the birth of a prolific career and extensive discography. Bosch has collaborated with the most stellar figures in salsa and Latin jazz, including Cachao, Celia Cruz, Eddie Palmieri, Ray Barreto, the Machito Orchestra, Rubén Blades, Fania All-Stars, Willie Colón, Oscar D'Leon, Marc Anthony, Paquito D'Rivera, Steve Wilson, Steve Turre, David Sanchez, and Arturo O'Farril.

In 1998/1999, Bosch and his band were invited to the most prestigious national and international jazz and world music festivals. Their extraordinary performances launched Bosch's solo career and initial recording, Soneando Trombón, at major venues such as Lincoln Center (New York City), Montreal Jazz Festival (Canada), Umbria Jazz Festival (Italy), North Sea Jazz (Holland) Tempo Latino Festival (France), and Sydney Festival (Australia). He has also appeared on national television with Jay Leno, Rosie O'Donnell, David Sanborn, on PBS with Buena Vista Social Club, and on HBO and All My Children.

In his concerts and recordings, Bosch, a charismatic musical director and bandleader, engages his audience by generously sharing the stage with his highly accomplished and veteran band members. Bosch is and will continue to be hailed by international audience and critics, from New York to Puerto Rico, France, England, Belgium, Spain, Holland, and countries throughout Latin America. To this day he calls himself a fiebrú (a feverish salsa head) and recognizes that he emerged both as an artist and a musician from his magical ability to impart his contagious passion. Bosch, a composer and a lyricist, is one of the most explosive and versatile trombonists of his generation. With his second album, entitled Salsa Dura, he re-energized and infused this musical expression and built upon his triumphant 1998 debut, Soneando Trombón on the RykoLatino label. His much-anticipated third solo album, El Avion de la Salsa, was launched in Fall 2004, assuring his place as one of the most intelligent and passionate creators of today's salsa.