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Melinda Haas

About this Artist

Melinda Haas started her formal musical life at age three when she entered the Dalcroze School of Music in New York City. The approach to music education encouraged improvisation as well as classical training. Haas took that experience into her first career, as modern dance accompanist, for the Martha Graham and José Limón Companies, among others. After many years, she turned to Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, becoming first a Clinical Social Worker and then a Jungian Analyst. She has been in Private Practice in Manhattan, and more recently also in Vermont, for many years. In addition to her analytic practice she teaches and supervises in New York and Vermont. Music has been the through line of her life. When she began her analytic practice, she began weaving this thread into her analytic thinking. Jungian theory pays particular attention to the visual image, almost totally excluding music as a symbolic language. Thus, the door was left open to explore the connections between music and Jungian thought. Haas has presented papers on music and Jung at the International Association of Analytical Psychology Congresses in Barcelona, Montreal, and most recently in Vienna. Her essays are published in Music and Psyche: Contemporary Psychoanalytic Explorations, (eds. Ashton and Bloch). She is past President, and still actively involved in the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism, ARAS.