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Jacaranda Music

About this Artist

Jacaranda is committed to increasing audience interest in new and less familiar classical music through a series of exceptional concerts, recordings, and education activities that advance the repertory of local soloists and ensembles. Based in Santa Monica since 2003, Jacaranda was immediately hailed by the LA Weekly as “the right music in the right place at the right time.” They named Jacaranda Best Contemporary Classical Series in 2016, saying: “Wonderfully un-stodgy curation by Jacaranda founders Patrick Scott and Mark Alan Hilt and performances by acclaimed and expert musicians make for ear-cleansing dives into bracingly new music composed largely by living composers, as well as unplayed-to-death music of the past century.”

The series is devoted to stimulating listeners with ingenious musical experiences. Alex Ross’s blog The Rest Is Noise wrote “season after season the twentieth century comes to life in Jacaranda’s programs.” Jacaranda champions music written since 2000, as well as neglected earlier music with strong potential interest for today’s listeners.  

Maintaining high performance standards in acoustically effective locations throughout Greater Los Angeles, Jacaranda is committed to increasing understanding of classical music using unexpected strategies – and by telling the stories of its makers with passion.  “A sell-out throng of glitter, beauty and brains in all sorts and varieties responded warmly to the totally decadent music menu…full of energy and themes of unimaginable beauty…” said the Huffington Post.