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La Marisoul

About this Artist

"On Los Angeles’ historic Olvera Street, merchants remember a little girl singing Spanish- language boleros for tourists who sometimes would drop spare change in a hat nearby."

La Marisoul was born Eva Marisol Hernandez in DTLA (downtown LA), the diverse and vibrant heart of Los Angeles. Her first introduction to music was by way of her mother’s singing and her father’s love of music. At an early age, she began to interpret various musical styles, ranging from traditional Mexican songs, romantic boleros, jazz classics and rock. Growing up part-time in Mexico and the United States created the duality of American pop culture and the roots of traditional folkloric music, which helped shaped her musical sensibility.

“That’s the root of what I sing—traditional boleros and rancheras I learned from the musicians that played at restaurants on Olvera Street. They taught me how to sing loud and pass the basket around.”

Inspired by life, love, heartbreak and the drunken rants of the neighborhood, La Marisoul began writing songs incorporating those anecdotes with her own personal experiences, fears, dreams and desires. The songs explore humanity and society, utilizing lyrics that encourage us to get off the hamster wheel to which we are conditioned, while others inspire to spread our wings and find our own destiny. La Marisoul’s lyrics stem from observations, aspirations as well as, the agony and pleasures of love.

“I’ve gone through my dark phases where everything was sadness and heartbreak. I grew up and accepted me. You can’t dwell on negative things. You must move forward and look at the beauty of life. When you surround yourself with positive people, it’s going to affect you. We inspire each other to grow and believe in this dream that’s a little crazy at times.”

In 2007, La Marisoul became the lead singer for the group; La Santa Cecilia (named after the Patron Saint of musicians). La Santa Cecilia have performed at just about every type of venue from rock clubs to festivals in the US and Mexico, including Walt Disney Hall and the Hollywood Bowl in LA.

In 2014 La Santa Cecilia won the Grammy for Best Latin Rock Album for their album Treinta Dias (Universal Music). In 2017 they were nominated in the same category for their album Buenaventura (Universal Music) and in 2018 for Amar Y Vivir (Universal Music). With 6 albums under their belt, La Santa Cecilia are currently at work on their 7th album, to be released this year (2019).

La Marisoul also performs solo. She was a special guest with Elvis Costello and The Roots on their Wise up Ghost album (2013) and had the chance to perform with them on the Jimmy Fallon Show which was an exceptional honor for her.

In 2018 she was a part of the ‘Joni Mitchell Tribute’ at the Hollywood Bowl alongside other performers such as; Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Graham Nash, Chaka Khan, Los Lobos and Seal.

On 22 March 2019, she will be part of the ‘The Work and Music of Yoko Ono’ tribute at LA Walt Disney Hall with The Los Angeles Philharmonic.

La Marisoul has made acting appearances in; The Bridge (2013), Artbound Presents: Studio A (2013) and Mavericks (2015). She was also featured as a guest performer on Pepe Aguilar’s MTV Unplugged, which turned out to be the first Unplugged by a Ranchero artist.