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About this Artist

When plenty of things occur in a short period of time, we get the impression that it dilates. If we look back in time, it has only been a year since the singer Rosalía released her debut album. It was like raising the curtains to a great story which has only just began.

If the acclaimed album ‘Los Ángeles’ saw her revamp the ancient Flamenco singing, now she puts together an unusual and unique sound which is the result of working closely with El Guincho (C.Tangana).

Still recovering from the impact, we see her storming back with ‘Malamente’ a song as highly anticipated as it is surprisingly unexpected. Straight to #1 in Youtube trends, iTunes and Apple Music, and already into the#15 Spotify charts.

The most extreme manifestation of her upcoming new album: ‘El Mal Querer’, featuring new —and even stronger Flamenco influence.