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P.O.P Unplugged

About this Artist

P.O.P Unplugged, LLC, a percussive arts entertainment company, has burst on the scene with a style all its own. Founded in 2013 by POP PRiCE, international percussionist and percussion and body double for actor Nick Cannon in the 20th Century Fox Film Drumline, P.O.P Unplugged aims to give music aficionados a new beat to groove to and corporate event planners a fresh and fun alternative to event entertainment.

P.O.P Unplugged draws on the show‐style culture of HBCU marching bands and the precision of drum corp drum lines to create productions and show concepts that are lively, engaging, and energetic. Through its premiere percussion performance ensemble, P.O.P’D (Power of Percussion and Dance), P.O.P Unplugged incorporates theatrics, choreographed movements, and challenging stick tricks in each show, bringing the half‐time field experience to the stage. With close to 10 members who bring over 30 years combined experience in drumming, percussion, and performing, P.O.P’D has a competitive edge that sets it apart from the rest.

“Music and independence is the catalyst behind P.O.P Unplugged,” said POP PRiCE, founder and creative executive officer. “The idea that sounds and vibrations from percussion instruments change moods and help bring stress levels down is the inspiration behind P.O.P Unplugged.”

Inspiring audiences and encouraging event attendees to “follow the beat of their drum” is at the core of the company’s philosophy. In addition to performances, the company also facilitates drum circle workshops for organizations and groups as an alternative to traditional teambuilding activities.

P.O.P Unplugged tailors show concepts to the needs and vision of its clients and pulls inspiration from current events that affect society to create productions that provide a cathartic experience.

“We want audiences to walk away feeling emotionally and physically recharged,” PRiCE said. “We want people to leave feeling excited, happy, and mentally free from the day‐to‐day stressors and worries of life.

“We are promoting the power that percussion has on people and its ability to positively change lives.”