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About this Artist

The legendary child star GOOGOOSH was only a three years old when she was performing in the theatrical area of "Lalezor", Tehran during the mid 1950's. ln less than twenty years later she wins the "Sepas" award (Iranian equivalent of the oscars) for best female actress. Staring in some of the most successful movies produced in Iran, such as: "Bita", "Nazanin", "Hamsafor","Mahe Asal" and "Dar Emtedode Shab".

But as it turned out Googoosh would achieve an even greater success in music. Her first ever single in 1968 became the highest selling song in Iranian history, till that day. She later spent the early l970's in France and Italy working and recording songs in languages such as: English, Italian, Spanish, and French. She become the most expensive performing and recording artist in Iran, releasing close to 150 songs from the years of 1968-1979. After the Islamic revolution in Iran Googoosh was arrested and in-prisoned in Tehran facing a house arrest that lasted for 21 years. After her return to the stage in the summer of year 2000 she's had sold out concerts all around the world, performing with her own exclusive 28 piece bond. Touring from Toronto, Los Angeles to Paris and Sydney performing in venues such as; Staple Center, MGM Grand, Madison Square Garden, Albert Hall, Air Canada Centre etc. With a legacy lasting over 60 years, Googoosh is still, till this very day the biggest and most celebrated artistic phenomenon in Iran, ranging from music to cinema.