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Isaac Pross

About this Artist

Isaac Pross is a senior at Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences. In summer 2017, he attended the Boston University Tanglewood Institute in Massachusetts, composing for voice, chamber groups, and full orchestra. Last spring, he participated in the 2017 Los Angeles YoungArts Week for Classical Composition. Isaac's love of music emerged early when he founded a short-lived one-man band, "Black Skeletons," at the age of four. He studies composition with Dr. Ian Krouse at UCLA and violin with Phillip Levy. He also plays violin in the Chamber Orchestra in the Elizabeth Mandell Music Institute at Crossroads. Finding links and kinks between new music at Disney Hall and records from LA labels such as Stones Throw, Brainfeeder, and Wedidit intrigues him. When he's not listening to music, Isaac finds peace in cooking, sharing, and eating new foods. Training in martial arts for most of his life has shaped his positive outlook on the world.