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Anna Dego


About this Artist

ANNA DEGO graduated from the Teatro Stabile’s acting school in Genoa and began her career as an actress. In 1995, she performed in Copì’s play Tango Barbaro, choreographed by Adriana Borriello. Thanks to this encounter, Dego dedicated her subsequent career to “dance theater.” 

In 1998, she joined Adriana Borriello’s company and performed in their productions, including Tammorra, Kyrie, Animarrovescio, I cieli e la terra, Chi è devoto, and Rosario per un pianto rituale. In 2000, she took part in “From Ritual to Dance,” a course organized by the European Community that selects contemporary dancers interested in interdisciplinary art forms. 

She has appeared in such stage productions as Ista Laus et passione domini directed by Nanni Garella, La mia scena è un bosco directed by Tonino Conte, Elettra directed by Guido De Monticelli, La Farinella directed by Enrico Bonavera, Tribuna centrale directed by its author, Alexandr Galin, at the Teatro Vittoria in Rome, Cyrano de Bergerac directed by Marco Sciaccaluga at the Teatro degli Incamminati in Milan, Tuttosà e Chebestia directed by Benno Besson, Al di là del filo directed by Maria Inversi, La scena devota directed by  Roberto Guicciardini, and Bizet’s opera Carmen.

In 1994, she moved to Palermo and worked with the experimental director Claudio Collovà on the plays Giacinti (based on T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land), L’Isola incandescente, Miraggi corsari by Pasolini, and La caduta degli angeli, adapted from W.B. Yeats.

Since 2002, she has collaborated with the ensemble L’Arpeggiata, led by Christina Pluhar.