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José Martínez


About this Artist

José’s music incorporates a wide range of influences from Colombian folk tunes to avant-garde Western art music, while borrowing from Latin music, heavy metal, and progressive rock. All these sounds find a place to interact in his music and create his personal sound palette. His body of works includes pieces for a variety of ensembles including orchestra, string quintet, saxophone quartet, pierrot ensembles, and solo and electronics. 

Notable recent collaborations include works for the celebrated chamber orchestra Alarm Will Sound at the Missouri International Composer Festival 2014 and the Spanish ensemble Taller Sonoro. Other important performances include the premiere of his saxophone quartet Uneven Portraits in the National Saxophone Association at Oklahoma and two upcoming performances in Europe: the premiere of his piece Oh, the Places I’ve Been for Bass Clarinet and electronics in the International Clarinet Association convention in Madrid and and is his new piece for saxophone, percussion and electronics about the events recently occurred in Ferguson, MO to be premiered in the World Saxophone Congress in France.

He graduated from National University of Colombia as both a percussionist and a composer, he is currently pursuing a double MM in these areas at the University of Missouri.

To learn more about José and his works, visit his website