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Jane Wiedlin

About this Artist

When Jane Wiedlin was just a young pop music fan growing up in California, she had no idea she would one day become an entertainer herself, let alone forever change music history and redefine Woman's role in the world of Rock & Roll.

While in design college in the late 70's, Wiedlin stumbled upon the burgeoning LA punk rock scene. Within months, she and Belinda Carlisle were inspired to form the Go-Go's. The band quickly became local favorites, and after three years were signed by the indie label IRS Records. With most of their songs written or co-written by Jane (including the classic "Our Lips Are Sealed"), The Go-Go's went on to enormous success, selling out Madison Square Garden, the Hollywood Bowl and appearing twice on the cover of Rolling Stone. The band became the first ever all-girl group to write their own songs, play their own instruments, and become immensely popular doing it.

After seven years, the Go-Go's split up and went their separate ways. Jane moved on to a solo career, releasing six albums of her own which included the hits "Rush Hour," "Blue Kiss" and "Tangled" (a song featured in the movie "Pretty Woman"). Rolling Stone magazine called her last solo album "Kissproof World," a "solo tour de force by an entrepreneur, an actress and rock goddess."

Five years after breaking up, The Go-Go's reformed and have remained a band ever since.

Jane has appeared in several movies including "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure," "Star Trek IV," "Clue" and "Sleeping Beauty." She played a recurring character on the Emmy-nominated MTV soap opera "Spyder Games." As a voice actor, Jane has lent her unique sound to such projects as "Tom & Jerry," "Batman the Animated Series," "King of the Hill," "Pinky and the Brain," "The Wild Thornberries" and two of the "Scooby Doo" movies, among other shows.

In 2001, the Go-Go's released the critically acclaimed "God Bless the Go-Go's" album. Jane co-wrote the single "Unforgiven" with Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day.

Jane recently scored her first country hit, co-writing Keith Urban's "But For The Grace of God." The song went to number one and launched Keith as a country superstar.

In 2002 through 2004, Jane left California to live in the rain forests of Costa Rica and then Panama. She has written a book (This Godforsaken Paradise) about her equatorial adventures which she hopes to publish.

Most recently Jane was watched by millions on VH1's hit TV series "The Surreal Life." Being filmed twenty-four hours a day for nearly two weeks was a challenge, but also was one of Jane's most rewarding professional experiences, and led to her acquiring a whole new family out of her wacky "Surreal" cast.

You can currently see (or hear) Jane in the independent films "Live Freaky! Die Freaky!" directed by John Roecker, and "Firecracker," directed by Steve Balderson.

In the works for Jane right now are Paris Hilton's first album which Jane is associate–producing and as usual, touring with the Go-Go's. Jane is also producing and recording a new solo album and is always busy writing.