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Austin Westbay

About this Artist

AUSTIN WESTBAY is a professional dancer who resides in Los Angeles. For the past six years he has toured internationally with the pop singer Kesha. As a back-up dancer he has done numerous television appearances and performed in front of thousands. Austin has worked for leading choreographers, including Ryan Heffington and Fatima Robinson. He has also had the pleasure of being a part of film projects directed by Hype Williams and Alma Har’el. Some of his more recent credits include music videos for Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk, Sigur Rós, and Arcade Fire, as well as being featured in the second season of the hit show Transparent. Throughout the years, dance has gracefully lead Austin onto the path of yoga and the healing arts. He is a registered yoga instructor and has been teaching and assisting for two years. Currently, he is in the process of applying to Five Branches University, a traditional Chinese medicine program in Santa Cruz, CA.