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Mieczysław Weinberg


About this Artist

Born: 1919, Warsaw, PolandDied: 1996, Moscow, Russia

The son of Yiddish theater artists, Weinberg joined them in the theater at age 10 and entered the Warsaw Conservatory at 12. After he fled to the Soviet Union, he became friends with Shostakovich, who championed his music. His works include symphonies, quartets, operas, and many film scores. His music was greatly influenced by Shostakovich, and by Prokofiev, Bartók, and Mahler, as well as neo-Classicism and various ethnic musics.

Further listening:Piano Quintet (1944)Weinberg; Borodin Quartet (Melodiya)

Symphony No. 10 (1968)Moscow Chamber Orchestra,Rudolf Barshai (Melodiya)