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About this Artist

An eight-time Grammy-winning artist including Album of the Year for 2014’s Morning Phase, Beck’s timeless and genre-defying body of work has long established him as one of the most consistently adventurous and fascinating creative forces in popular music.

As the title of his most recent album Hyperspace suggests, Beck has traveled light years from his emergence as a reluctant generational spokesperson when “Loser” exploded from a rejected 1992 demo into a ubiquitous 1994 smash. In the decades since, Beck's singular career has seen him utilize all manners and eras of music, blurring boundaries and blazing a path into the future while simultaneously foraging through the past. Beck’s sprawling and peerless catalog includes such critical and popular classics as his 1994 debut Mellow Gold, Best Alternative Grammy winners Odelay and Mutations, Midnite Vultures, Sea Change, Guero, The Information, Modern Guilt, the Album of the Year Grammy winning Morning Phase, Colors (Beck’s third album to win a Best Alternative Grammy and second to take Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical) and Hyperspace (which earned him a third Best Engineered Album Grammy). Beck’s capacity for innovation and reinvention is rivaled only by his prowess as a live performer—most recently he brought the live show that moved The Times of London to describe him as "a one-man festival... perhaps only Prince had more range" to arenas, amphitheaters, and festivals around the globe.