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Mark-Anthony Turnage


About this Artist

Born: 1960, Essex, England

"I'm interested in the physical quality of the music: not just the sound, but the effect it has. There's a visceral quality in the music I likeā€¦There's something you can really grab hold of, something almost physical that you can touch."

Mark-Anthony Turnage blends an atonal, Berg-esque harmonic language, a Stravinskian rhythmic drive, and the lyrical improvisations of Miles Davis into a vigorous, expressionistic style. With acclaimed works in both concert music and opera, he seems to be in a position to carry the torches of countrymen Britten, Tippett, and Birtwistle.

Further listening:

Blood on the Floor (guitar, percussion, saxophone, bass clarinet, and orchestra; 1996)

Soloists, Ensemble Modern, Peter Rundel (Argo)

Fractured Lines (percussion and orchestra; 2000)

Evelyn Glennie, Peter Erskine, BBC Symphony, Slatkin (Chandos)