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The Brothers Johnson

About this Artist

THE BROTHERS JOHNSON, George Johnson and Louis Johnson, the originators of the sophisticated funk R&B style that shook a generation and influenced almost every musician who came after them, are back together for this special night, performing again after many years apart. Guitar-playing George (lightning licks) along with bass-slapping Louis (thunder thumbs) began playing music together in Los Angeles in the 1970s with Billy Preston’s God Squad and quickly discovered what the groove was all about on their way to collecting Grammys and releasing six gold and platinum LPs.

It was the legendary Quincy Jones who learned early on what a special pair of brothers he had discovered. It was back in 1975 when “The Dude” approached them with his idea to make records. “I knew that I had found something extremely special and couldn’t wait to get into the studio and create some hits with these boys on my Mellow Madness album,” said Jones. That’s exactly what they did on their way to six number-ones, numerous top-40 hits on the R&B charts, and millions of records sold. Songs like “Strawberry Letter 23,” “Stomp,” “Tomorrow,” “I’ll Be Good to You,” and “Get the Funk Out Ma Face” are timeless classics and instantly recognizable to music fans the world over. When one hears these standards, it immediately brings the listener back to the days of carefree living, 8-track stereos, albums, and Afro Sheen.

As a matter of fact, The Brothers Johnson sound was so popular that George and Louis’ musicianship was requested on many ground-breaking albums, by artists such as Michael Jackson, George Benson, Aretha Franklin, Herbie Hancock, Herb Alpert, Chaka Khan, Paul McCartney, Donna Summer, Bobby Womack, and countless others.

The Brothers Johnson’s albums include Look Out for #1 (1976), Right On Time (1977), Blam!! (1978), Light Up the Night (1980), Winners (1981), Out of Control (1984), and Kickin’ (1988). They have also appeared on numerous compilation records and singles.