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Deney Terrio

About this Artist

Disco dancer DENEY TERRIO hosted the syndicated television show "Dance Fever" from 1979 to 1985. Prior to that, he choreographed John Travolta's moves in Saturday Night Fever, and he appeared on several television shows and specials, including "Soul Train," "The Roberta Flack Special," and "Dick Clark's Good Ol' Rock 'n' Roll Special."

In 1982, Terrio had a featured role in the film A Night in Heaven, for which he also did choreography and staging; he did similar work for The Idolmaker. Since then he has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including hosting the "Boogie Blowout" series, "The Love Boat," "The Tonight Show," "A Current Affair," and "Oprah." He has also done many radio interviews about '70s and '80s culture.