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The Taxi Gang

About this Artist

Born Horace Hinds, 19 February 1951, Kingston, Jamaica, this artist was affectionately renamed HORACE ANDY as a tribute to Bob Andy, in respect of their mutual songwriting abilities, by Coxsone Dodd. Horace, also known as Sleepy, has always been a favored vocalist among reggae fans, and his eerie, haunting style has been imitated endlessly by scores of lesser talents over the years.It was his work with Dodd that established his reputation. His career at Studio One began with the single "Something On My Mind," and eventually resulted in the classic "Skylarking," one of reggae's biggest hits. From the mid-1970s onwards, after leaving Studio One, Andy has worked with many important reggae producers in Jamaica, America, and England. In the process, he has recorded literally hundreds of records, most of which are now only available on rare 45s, although some of the high points of his work with Dodd, Bunny Lee, and Wackies are still available.Skylarking: The Best Of Horace Andy, released in 1996 on Massive Attack's Melankolic label, is an excellent compilation of the artist's work. Horace later returned to the studio in late 1999 to record new material, released on the Melankolic set as Living In The Flood in late 1999 and produced by the great Clive Hunt, featuring Chinna Melchezidek Smith on guitar.She stands at five feet, three inches tall, soaking up the world with a voice reminiscent of pure and untainted soul. What kind of soul? According to songstress CHERINE ANDERSON, this soul is unlike any other, for it is dancehall soul, "a mixture of reggae, dancehall, soul, and R&B, truly incorporating the grittiness of her past with the sweetness of the things to which she has been exposed." In this modern-day parade of glamour, glitz, and unmerited superstardom, Cherine truly embodies star-like qualities. She is a triple threat: singer, songwriter, and acclaimed Jamaican actress, having starred in two of Jamaica's most successful films, Dancehall Queen (1997) and One Love (2003). Lately, Cherine has been focusing her attention on writing music and collaborating with industry giants like Sly & Robbie, David Norland (Madonna, Janet Jackson, Dallas Austin), Jeeky Man (Lil Kim), as well as prominent Jamaican producers such as Steven "Lenky" Marsden (Sean Paul) and Christopher Birch (Shaggy). Reggae and urban radio stations in Jamaica, the US, Canada, and several European countries, as well as internet radio, have already fallen for the sweet voice spilling from their systems courtesy of her debut hit single "Good Love." Cherine quickly followed "Good Love" with a lover's rock duet with Chuck Fenda which quickly topped both the singles and the video charts in Jamaica. Cherine's latest release, "Kingston State of Mind," currently released to radio, provides Cherine's perspective on the realities of the environment in Kingston. This song's content illustrates the songwriting depth that lies in this young artist.It is important to note that this profound talent did not emerge overnight. In fact, history was in the making at a very young age for Cherine. Born in Rockfort in East Kingston, Jamaica, her parents Derryck and Barbara Anderson kept Cherine and her two older sisters in Sunday school and any other church activity that would keep them off the unstable streets. It was in church that her musical talent was discovered. Cherine explains, "It wasn't so much the message in the church songs that appealed to me at first… it was the passion and strength of peoples' voices." At the age of 12, she became a touring member of Ashe Performing Arts Ensemble, one of the Caribbean's most successful performance companies, and received professional training in dance, music, and theater. In 2003, Cherine combined her two loves, singing and acting, starring in the film One Love. Her voice lent two heartfelt songs to the film's soundtrack, and her acting talent earned her the MTV2/Urbanworld Film Festival Award for best actress in a feature film.One would think that nothing else could possibly fit into this seemingly superstar equation, yet there is more. Not only does this young woman possess talent, beauty, and class, but Cherine is also a highly educated, intelligent young woman. Having graduated with honors from the prestigious Middlebury College with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Music and a minor in Japanese Language and Literature, Cherine continuously raises the bar for herself in every aspect of her life. During her college career, her passion and dedication to her craft led her to acquire numerous internships at entertainment companies such as MTV Networks, Interscope Records, and the Chris Blackwell-owned Palm Pictures and Palm Records."The world needs to hear more reggae and dancehall from a female's perspective. I feel blessed to have such a great legacy set by Bob Marley, Shabba, etc., but I want to be a part of the female movement out of Jamaica that makes a similar or even greater impression on the world."According to reggae legend Sly Dunbar, "Cherine is the real deal. A truly strong vocalist on hard-core reggae riddims with the ability and potential to surpass Jamaican audiences to reach the masses." With all the attention on reggae, reggaeton, and dancehall on the international market, Cherine has all the right ingredients: vocal and acting talent, beauty, intellect, and a solid understanding of the entertainment industry, to be more than just a successful artist - but a Caribbean brand.07/07