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Frank Sinatra, Jr.

About this Artist

FRANK SINATRA, JR. was born in New Jersey, raised in California, and educated in the showrooms of Las Vegas and on bandstands all

over the world. While studying music at the University of Southern California, Sinatra, Jr. originally planned a career as a pianist and conductor. Show promoters, however, had different ideas, and he eventually made his professional show business debut as a singer with the Elliott Brothers Band.

At 21, Sinatra, Jr. made his debut into the

big time in 1963 at the Royal Box of the Americana Hotel in Manhattan backed by the Tommy Dorsey Band. He eventually joined the Sam Donahue Orchestra, an experience he described as being one of the most memorable in his career. Throughout the 1960s and into the mid-1980s, between recording projects and television/movie projects, Sinatra, Jr. appeared regularly in Las Vegas.

In 1988, Sinatra, Jr. joined his father's staff as musical director and conductor. He helped choose the music, and rehearsed and conducted the orchestra whenever Ol' Blue Eyes was on stage. In 1996, As I Remember It, a CD tribute to his father's talents and the composers and arrangers who defined the Sinatra legend, was released. Greeted with enthusiasm by Sinatra purists, As I Remember It proceeded to climb the musical charts, garnering significant critical acclaim along the way. Utilizing a 44-piece orchestra conducted by Terry Woodson, Frank Jr. won the hearts and respect of fans and critics alike, irrefutably distinguishing himself as a premier vocalist and endearing storyteller.