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Matthew Setzer

About this Artist

MATTHEW SETZER is a musician/music technologist living in Los Angeles.

Guitarist for Skinny Puppy and London After Midnight he has toured worldwide in the gothic industrial scene. Venturing outside those bounds he is co-producer and musician for world electronic project INDRADEVI and punk opera group Timur and the Dime Museum.  Active in the flesh hook suspension community he has blended interactive music technology with ritual performance art, notably with Constructs of Ritual Evolution (CoRE) and Aesthetic Meat Front (AMF).  Both groups have utilized an array of sensors/biofeedback/and experimental live music.  Whether on tour or producing music at his studio (Wonderland Recording Studio LLC) Matthew often daydreams of his childhood growing up in Montana. 

Matthew studied experimental sound at CalArts. Teachers include: David Rosenboom (composition, biofeedback systems), Ajay Kapur (programming, robotics), Mark Trayle (Max/MSP, interface design), Ulrich Krieger (composition, ritual methods), Morton Subotnick (composition), and visiting artist Trimpin (robotics).  He developed an interactive microphone enabling a performer to control audio/video elements with gestural movements. While studying with David Rosenboom Matthew developed a musical electroencephalograph biofeedback system. This technology has been used for a ritual suspension shows in France, Japan, and the USA.