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Raphaël Séguinier

About this Artist

RAPHAËL SÉGUINIER, born in 1979, began to focus on percussion at the age of 15, after four years of studying piano. Influenced by music scenes including “indie,” “noise,” and “postrock” (Fugazi, Mogwai, Sonic Youth), he played in several groups, created his own musical projects, and toured throughout Europe.

He began to focus more and more on improvisation and experimental music, joining the French collective Zazen in 2003. As a member of Zazen, Raphaël played with musicians from all genres, ranging from jazz to electronica, and participated in numerous recordings and events.

In 2005, he decided to move to Paris, where he began a professional career as a studio drummer. At the same time, he toured with international artists such as Nouvelle Vague, Emilie Simon, Chocolate Genius, Cocoon, and Saul Williams.

In 2010, Katia Labèque asked him to join B For Bang and record an album. He also recorded a version of West Side Story for piano and percussion with her sister Marielle. Following that collaboration, Raphaël became part of the Minimalist Dream House project.

Raphaël has collaborated with David Chalmin (Red Velvet, Dimension X, B For Bang) and Massimo Pupillo (Zu, Dimension X, B For Bang), as well as in a new project of electronic percussion improvisations with the French producer Villeneuve.