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Rondalla Club of Los Angeles

About this Artist

RONDALLA CLUB OF LOS ANGELES (RCLA) was formed in 1991 in Los Angeles through the concerted efforts of the late Nitoy Gonzales, former Rondalla Maestro of the famed Bayanihan Dance Company from the Philippines; Leonilo “Boy” Angos, also a former member of Bayanihan and son of Nitoy Gonzales; and Tagumpay “Pi” M. de Leon, son of the late Philippine composer and national artist, Felipe Padilla de Leon.

Through progressive studies and an applied historical perspective, RCLA continues to be the face of rondalla music in Southern California, performing at countless festivals and cultural events as well as various social and civic functions.

Characterized by a signature, highly improvised style, each RCLA performance is a unique musical conversation.

Rondalla Club of Los Angeles is a 501(c)(3) organization. For more information, please go to or send inquiries to

Rondalla Club of Los Angeles

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