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Grażyna Bacewicz


About this Artist

Born: 1909, Lódz, Poland
Died: 1969, Warsaw, Poland

A multifaceted artist, Bacewicz was a virtuoso violinist and accomplished pianist as well as a prolific composer, and an author to boot, writing short stories and novels. Her music stamped general trends – from neo-classicism through folkloric socialist realism to 12-tone writing – with a distinctive personal style across most genres, including stage works, seven symphonies, 12 concertos, seven string quartets, and a host of violin, piano, and vocal music.

Further listening:
Partita for Violin and Piano (1955)
Joanna Kurkowicz, violin,
Gloria Chien, piano (Chandos)

Concerto for Orchestra (1962)
Capella Bydgostiensis,
Mariusz Smolij (Naxos)