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John Myers


About this Artist

JOHN MYERS (conductor) has been performing, touring, and recording with the Glenn Branca Ensemble for over 19 years. Primarily a guitar player, in 1996 he became an assistant conductor for the ensemble at the Arhus festival. Myers began his career as one of the original members of the New York Noise band Rat at Rat R. Early solo works like Skatebike and Perdue (Tellus) show his interest in timbre and texture. His composition Dive was a part of the 1997 Bang on a Can marathon. A CD by his guitar quartet, Blastula, is available on the Atavistic label. He has written music for a wide range of instruments; from gamelan orchestra to antiphonal choir to processed bassoon. A graduate of the University of California's College of Creative Studies, Myers studied electronic music with Curtis Rhoad and received a Corwin award for his electronic composition Don't Look. Myers is currently studying at New York University and seeks to spend his summer in China studying the Qin.