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MC This with Michael Allen

About this Artist

MC THIS is, in a nutshell, a patent-pending, mobile video projection unit, created and performed by Justin “MC This” Hammond. MC This is the only artist in the world who has brought visual projection from the interior to the streets, rooftops, forests and deserts. MC This projects live images from four or more video sources, mixes them, adds effects and projects them on a number of unique screen surfaces. Innovative, technologically experimental, eye catching and jaw, MC This has performed at Coachella, South by Southwest, and countless other festivals and concerts.




VJ MICHAEL ALLEN is more than just an eye-candy man: He's part of the show, a performer who unleashes staccato nature scenes that he manipulates so they shift with the beats and tones of the music. Using a dvd turntable, a video sampler, a video mixer, and a set of rack mount monitors, Allen does with visuals what the DJ does with sound - manipulating the context of the imagery to create all new and interesting environments. Michael has performed with traveling acts like Tripping Daisy, The Polyphonic Spree, Cut Chemist, Mix Master Mike, Digable Planets, and The Crystal Method, among many, many others. He is the house VJ for Hollywood nightclub Star Shoes and has performed at the Coachella, Rock The Bells, and Burningman music festivals.