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Cibo Matto

About this Artist

CIBO MATTO are reuniting to play their first show in ten years since they officially disbanded in 2001. Co-founders Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori formed Cibo Matto (Italian for “Crazy Food”) in 1994 in New York City. Since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, Viva! La Woman in 1996, they have established themselves as musical innovators through Honda’s eclectic and sophisticated arrangements coupled with Hatori’s hypnotic and charming vocal style. Their inimitable blend of songs use food as metaphors for love and life, with jazz, hip-hop, rock, Brazilian, and pop influences harmoniously guiding the listener. The follow-up releases of Super Relax (1997) and Stereo * Type A (1999), introduced new members Sean Lennon, Timo Ellis and later Duma Love. Stereo* Type A is a departure from the more playful Viva! La Woman, and it was also widely praised as it showcased their ever-inventive style, mastery of musicianship, and uninhibited songwriting talents.

Yuka Honda, born in Japan and the main instrumentalist for Cibo Matto, hit the New York music scene with her band The Flaming Hoops in 1989, a 1990 musical play, Jazz Passengers in Egypt and hip hop band Rhythm Method. She met Miho Hatori while working together on their 1993 noise band Leitoh Lychee, after Hatori moved to NYC from Japan to study art. In additional to their own solo releases, Yuka has also worked with and contributed to countless musical projects, including Sean Lennon’s debut album Into the Sun, side band Butter 08, Yoshimi and Yuka (Boredoms’ drummer Yoshimi P-We), Petra Haden, Vincent Gallo, Trevor Dunn,Jim O'Rourke, John Zorn and many others. Recently Honda helped produced albums for Irina Lazareanu, Yoko Ono, and has performed as a member of Sean Lennon’s band The Ghost of a Sabre Tooth Tiger, plus improvisational shows with Mike Watt and Nels Cline in the groups Floored By Four and Brother's Sister's Daughter.

Miho Hatori, also a native of Japan, is the other half of Cibo Matto as a singer and song writer. Since then, Miho has been collaborating with and featured on albums with numerous artists including the Gorillaz, Beastie Boys, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Tei Towa of Deee-Lite, Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend, jazz composer/saxophonist John Zorn, producer/guitarist Arto Lindsay, hip-hop duo Blackalicious and many others (more info at She has also released one solo album, Ecdysis, and a collaborative album with renowned guitarist Smokey Hormel, The Two EPs, as part of their project known as Smokey and Miho. Aside from her career as a recording artist, Miho has produced and composed multiple full feature scores for films in both the US and internationally. Currently residing in New York, she has been a contributor to the development and production of visual and media arts, while working on releasing an upcoming solo album/project.