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About this Artist

LUCIANO has emerged in the last decade as a consummate songwriter, a wonderful singer, and a spellbinding live performer. Born Jepther McClymont in the small Jamaican community of Davey Town, as a boy he sang in his local church choir and in neighboring youth clubs, and later started a singing career in Kingston, where he worked voicing dubplates for producers such as Sky High and Homer Harris (who named him Luciano after the movie character Lucky Luciano).

He chalked up his first hits singing for New Name's Castro Brown and then Freddie McGregor's Big Ship. "Shake It Up Tonight" became his first U.K. No. 1 in 1993, by which time he'd also recorded songs for Pickout, Diamond Rush, Saxon, and Sly & Robbie's Taxi label. He released his debut album, Moving Up, in 1994, and it was followed by a torrent of hit singles: "Neighbourhood Watch," "Raggamuffin," "Mr. Governor," "Back To Africa," "Time Is The Master," and "Bounty Lover." The majority of these tracks subsequently appeared on his two albums, Back To Africa and One Way Ticket.

His second album, Where There Is Life (1994), spawned the hit singles "It's Me Again Jah," the title track, and a remixed "Who Could It Be" featuring the U.S. rap group the Jungle Brothers. He toured extensively, performing at major venues and outdoor festivals all over the globe to considerable acclaim. Subsequent singles such as "Sweep Over My Soul" and "Ulterior Motive" have become reggae anthems. Among his many albums are his most recent releases, A New Day and Great Controversy, featuring British-based reggae talent including Mafia & Fluxy, Alan Weekes, Clifton "Bigga" Morrison, and Carlton "Bubblers" Ogilvie.

Jamaican reggae music hadn't produced such a well-loved figurehead since the days of Bob Marley. Luciano's work, advocating peace and striving for the betterment of society, contains important teachings for humanity. His songs have the power to touch the soul, to communicate spiritual truths, and uplift our hearts to an unprecedented degree in modern popular music.