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Victoria Legrand (Beach House)

About this Artist

VICTORIA LEGRAND is the French-born singer, songwriter, and keyboardist for the Baltimore-based band Beach House (which performed at the Hollywood Bowl in 2010 with Vampire Weekend). Victoria and Baltimore’s Alex Scally formed Beach House in 2004, and have released three full-length albums. The first record, released in 2006, was voted by Pitchfork in their top 20 releases of the year, and was said to be evocative of a “teenage holiday romance.” The ‘shoegaze’ sound of the band was once again applauded on their second record, Devotion, which made many critics’ top-10 lists for 2008. Their most recent album was last year’s Teen Dream, the first released by seminal Seattle record label Sub Pop, and the one which made the biggest waves, making it their most successful record yet. Victoria is the niece of acclaimed French composer Michel Legrand, and film scores are something Victoria hopes to one day explore.