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About this Artist

LAVA is the nerve center for Los Angeles Video Artists. We convene to create original video performances and installations. You can find information on our artists at, and connect yourself with the pulse of the Los Angeles VJ world through our blog at

Visual artist MIGUEL VEGA, Originally from Argentina, has been doing visuals for various live performances and installations since 2002. His background in design, multimedia, and electronic music production has enabled him to stand out in the medium of live visual performance. Vega's shows capture and reflect the mood of the moment, the space, the crowd, the performer and music in a uniquely enthralling display. Watch as this VJ enhances the performance and ambiance of the night. •

Salty Robot is ERIC MEDINE, a Los Angeles area artist who creates large interactive installations using banal objects. To relax he mixes murky, abstract web animation with prime number series and samples from old Hanna Barbara cartoons.

During the spring and summer of 2002 he organized and showed video work in art exchange programs with the the Faites de la Lumiere group in Paris, France, and Lessedra Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria. In the fall of 2003 he organized a video exhibition in Skopje, Macedonia and Thessaloniki, Greece with the PRDF, a performance art group specializing in multimedia and video installation.

Salty robot will be throwing down the obscurest, jazziest, most epilepsy inducing visual vortex this side of the oblique.

SURYA BUCHWALD (aka Momo the Monster) has been building a community for live video performance in Los Angeles since 2003. He creates interactive video instruments and audiovisual performances for live audiences, and scours the vj world and the web to bring fresh news to The Lava Flow at Momo's installation is a video synth and a puzzle- with no instructions, you must come to understand it by feel and by sight.

TODD THILLE (aka synesthete), a member of the Artificial Eyes VJ Collective (, splits time between Los Angeles and Istanbul. Over the past year he has been gaining visibility on the Domestic and International VJ scenes, playing shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, New York, England, and Poland as well as a residency in Istanbul, Turkey. Synesthete will be working with a number of sound reactive real-time 3D applications as well as loop based material running on laptops.

SURYUMMY creates light forms that peak between the thoughts of milky clouds and mechanical forests. A pleasant sliver of glazed sunlight. •