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Las Ondas Marteles

About this Artist

Brothers Sébastien and Nicolas Martel, and bassist Sarah Murcia, created LAS ONDAS MARTELES shortly after Sébastien and Nicolas, traveling separately to Cuba and Mexico respectively, both fell in love with the sentimental, romantic sounds of bolero. Upon their return to Paris, Sébastien and Nicolas rehearsed some boleros simply to perform them during a family birthday party at a Montmartre restaurant. Asked by the restaurant manager to return, Las Ondas Marteles soon had a regular gig. Sarah Murcia, familiar with bolero and of Spanish origin, joined the brothers during this time, and Las Ondas Marteles was born.

Their debut release, Y despues de todo, is a tribute to Miguel Angel Ruiz, a censored Cuban poet/artist whom Sébastien befriended during his trip to Cuba. Ruiz shared with Sébastien a few of his own musical compositions, and Las Ondas Marteles decided to produce arrangements of these songs. Shortly after Las Ondas Marteles began producing Ruiz' music, they learned of his death and chose to dedicate the entire record to Ruiz. Made within three weeks, the album beautifully reveals the singular style of bolero while paying homage to Ruiz, capturing his voice, laugh, and musical contributions. Receiving substantial critical acclaim, Y despues de todo was described by the London Times as "an intimate masterpiece."

Listen to samples from Y despues de todo.