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Natalia Lafourcade

About this Artist

Natalia Lafourcade: A Musical and Humanitarian Legacy that transcends borders

Renowned Mexican artist Natalia Lafourcade, with over 23 years in the music industry, has solidified herself as one of the most prominent Latin American singer-songwriters worldwide. Her unique style reflects a constant curiosity to explore within pop, jazz, and Mexican/Latin American folklore, giving life to hits such as "En el 2000," "Hasta la Raíz," and "De Todas las Flores." 

Lafourcade's international prestige is evident in her participation in prominent events, from Person of the Year by the Latin Recording Academy honoring Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Miguel Bosé, and Alejandro Sanz, to performances at the Academy Awards , Grammy Awards, and the Goya Awards. With 18 Latin Grammys, 2 Grammy Awards, and other recognitions, her talent and compositions have set her apart in the music scene.

In addition to collaborating with international artists and symphony orchestras, Natalia has spearheaded altruistic projects, including the reconstruction of the Son Jarocho Documentation Center in Jaltipán, Veracruz after the 2017 earthquakes.

Her commitment to humanitarian causes is evident in her support for institutions like UNHCR, Earth's Call, and her role as an ambassador for Save The Children. Projects like "Un canto por México" and "Voz a tu voz" showcase her dedication to cultural causes and equity for emerging female composers.

The album "De Todas las Flores," released in 2022 with an emotional concert at Carnegie Hall in New York, has marked a milestone in her career. Accompanied by a podcast and a revealing book, the project provides a glimpse into the artist's intimate emotions.

The international tour "De Todas las Flores" in 2023, spanning 10 countries, sold out venues and introduced an innovative visual experience. The album received multiple nominations at the Latin Grammys and Rolling Stones Awards, winning, among others, Record of the Year and Legend Award, respectively.

Today, Natalia Lafourcade continues to grace the stage, creating music and leaving a lasting impact. Her legacy extends beyond her artistic talent, reaching into her humanitarian commitment and contribution to empowering new generations of female composers. Her influence will endure in the world of music and in the hearts of those who appreciate not only artistic excellence but also dedication to noble causes.