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Ostad Kaboli

About this Artist

The calligraphy of OSTAD YADOLLAH KABOLI has been acclaimed in the following terms:

Beautiful Calligraphy is the image of the spiritual universe reflected in physical world: it is a sacred geometry that reminds the gentle. Delicate whirling and circles of the Existence, from the gazelle’s neck to the tresses of beautiful face beloveds and through the internal language teaches the mystery of intimacy, taming, affection, harmony, symmetry, and stability. These are exactly the characteristics of the calligraphy of the noble artist, Master Yadollah Kaboli, which exposes the dancing and whirling of the mystics and their ecstasy. It is the expression of the heart’s joy and good self conduct and a sign of Divinity in the attire of secularity.— Dr. Elahi Ghomshei (Goethe Gallery, 1363-1984)

Behold! The ascent and descent of the pained broken wings in the flight of imagination. Winding and restless remembrances that return from faraway trips, and their gift is the expression of pain, the longing to meet and the story of aspiration. The magics of calligraphy! Bewitching curves of the lines! Yea, lines that at the same time come to complain from the pain of love and the sorrow of separation; and dishevel their hair and lament and bring about tidings, the end of separation and the coming of holy breath, and thus flourish. Joyful beings that rise in wings; lovers who let their body be caressed by the pen to narrate the mystery of love. Concordant twins who chant their whole being in a glorious moan. Curves of light and dark, colorful images laying in the bosom of color; unsteady chained prisoners; the beauties of Calligraphy; broken lines of Kaboli.

This beauty has glittered twice as much in Kaboli’s calligraphy. Conscious compositions and usage of colors has brought up and distinguished his works from usual and traditional ground and this is what the Master of Arts witnesses. — Dr. Bahman Bustan (Collection Mehrab Khalel)