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Thurídur Jónsdóttir


About this Artist

Composer THURÍDUR JÓNSDÓTTIR studied flute and composition at The Reykjavík College of Music and at the Conservatory of Music in Bologna, Italy where she received her diploma in flute, composition, and electronic music. She furthered her education with Franco Donatoni at Accademia Chigiana in Siena, and with Alessandro Solbiati at Accademia di Novara, both in Italy. After living and working in that country for years, Jónsdóttir now works in Reykjavík, where she lives.

Jónsdóttir explores new soundscapes in her compositions. She creates various types of both orchestral pieces and chamber music. Many of her compositions include electronics, or multimedia, others might include extended techniques, theatrical performances, nature sounds or audience participation. In her work different types of flow can be identified: one is slow, ever-changing, and almost organic, the other is mechanical, raw, and repetitive. Great opposites are heard when completely different elements come together – strong, sharp flares interrupt the slow and delicate flow. 

Among Jónsdóttir’s renowned compositions are Flutter, concerto for flute which was written for the flute virtuoso Mario Caruli and insect sounds, Flow and Fusion for orchestra and electronic sounds, Red Ring for choir, solo singers and electronic sounds, INNI - musica da camera for baroque violin and infant murmur, Winter for voice and electronic sounds, and the accordion concerto Installation Around a Heart which was created for the Norwegian accordion player Geir Draugsvoll and Caput ensemble. Jónsdóttir has also created the multimedia compositions Cock’s Egg, Seal Maiden, Lusus Naturae in cooperation with artist Ólöf Nordal and illustrator Gunnar Karlsson.

Compositions by Jónsdóttir have been commissioned and performed by such ensembles as Caput, Ensemble Adapter, FontanaMix, and EnsebleMa and broadcast by Radio France, Deutsche Radio, and Nomus. Her work has been performed at festivals including Présences radio festival in Paris, Dark Music Days in Reykjavík, Klang Festival in Copenhagen, Nordic Music Days, ISCM, and New Directions. Jónsdóttir’s compositions have been nominated for the Icelandic Music Awards and for the Nordic Council Music Prize in 2006, 2010, and 2012. In 2004, her piece Flow and Fusion was selected for The International Rostrum of Composers in Paris.