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Smokey Hormel

About this Artist

SMOKEY HORMEL is a popular session guitarist. Known for his earthy simple style, he can be heard on Grammy-winning albums by Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Beck, Justin Timberlake, and The Dixie Chicks, and recent efforts by Adele, Norah Jones, Neil Diamond, Kid Rock, and Josh Groban. Born and raised in LA, he was a student of Western Swing guitar legend Jimmy Wyble. He emerged in the late ’80s from L.A.’s roots rock scene, playing with The Blasters, Lee Allen, Lester Butler, Bo Diddley, Johnny Rivers, and John Doe. In 1996, he joined Beck for his Odelay world tour, and has played on Mutations, Midnight Vultures, and Sea Change. He has also toured with Tom Waits, Sean Lennon, Forro In The Dark, and Norah Jones.