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Lou Harrison


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Born: 1917, Portland, OregonDied: 2003, Lafayette, Indiana"After Ives, Henry Cowell and Harry Partch were in essential agreement - the overtone series is the rule, world music the font."Composer, calligrapher, painter, poet, instrument builder, critic - Lou Harrison was an American original. He began composing in high school and studied widely in only three semesters at San Francisco State College, but his most important studies were with Henry Cowell. He became a dance accompanist at Mills College and collaborated with several West Coast choreographers. In 1942 he entered Schoenberg's weekly composition seminar at UCLA and wrote many 12-tone pieces, but in a lyrical, personal style; American Indian and Asian music were equally essential elements in his own synthesis.Further listening:Serenado por Gitaro (1952), Serenade (1975)Tanenbaum, guitar; Winant, percussion (New Albion) Lo Koro Sutro (1972)UC Berkeley Chamber Chorus, other performers, Brett (New Albion)