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Rachel Haden

About this Artist

Singer and instrumentalist RACHEL HADEN has developed her own career as well as continued to perform with her sisters Petra and Tanya, who make up the Haden Triplets. Although Rachel’s first instrument was the piano, she now plays bass and sings on her projects.

Rachel’s first band, which included her sister, Petra Haden, and friend Anna Waronker, was called That Dog. In the early ’90s, they recorded for Geffen Records and at the age of 19 they performed at Carnegie Hall, opening for Johnny Cash and June Carter. Rachel has performed with Beck and Jimmy Eat World, among many others, and was a founding member of the Rentals. She also performs with the ten-woman a cappella choir called Petra Haden & The Sellouts. Rachel is currently touring with Todd Rundgren, as well as performing with the Haden Family Band and working on her solo album.