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Robin Gray

About this Artist

Robin Gray's career as a lighting designer and director spans over thirty-two years with returning television industry and corporate clients like NBC Universal, Intel, Sun Microsystems, and Hewlett- Packard. The Television Critics Association alone has engaged Robin as a lighting designer for over fifteen years, meeting the critical demands of ABC, CBS, NBC, the WB and major cable companies for their high profile showing at this biannual press tour event. In March of 1998, Robin was invited to join Academy Lighting Consultants, expanding their television and film business to include corporate theatre, exhibition work and special events. She has designed for venues as diverse as a custom tent pavilion in Pattaya, Thailand to the Hanoi Opera House, tailoring each event to fit the technical specifications of these difficult locations while carrying the core design concepts through to completion. Robin’s depth of experience has gained her acceptance into the Directors of Photography and Cinematographers Guild Local 600, being one of the only corporate/industrial lighting designers to receive this honor.