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Les Grands Ballets de Tahiti

About this Artist

All the legends and the past of a country establish the essential cultural inheritance of the people who look for it. So the scene becomes the instrument where one reproduces and projects the traditional collective memory. Among all the troupes that practice Polynesian dance, THE GRAND BALLETS OF TAHITI are the artistic ensemble giving to these distant islands the most sought out, innovative image. Dances, rhythms, music, and songs carry the spirit between tradition and modernity, between dream and reality. Founded in its current form in 1998, The Grand Ballets of Tahiti troupe is the fruit of the combined talents of Tumata Robinson, Teiki Villant, and Lorenzo Schmidt. Together they renew Polynesian music with a great respect for tradition, but also by breathing in a certain modernism. Their objective is to give to this troupe an international dimension. Already the United States, Japan, and a lot of other countries have had the chance to welcome them. Several times the winner of the large, annual festivals held in Heiva in Tahiti, Tumata, costume designer, Teiki, artistic director, and Lorenzo, author, composer, and choreographer, use their modern vocabulary to let us share their love for the dance and the music and demonstrate to us that the freedom of art is creation.