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Latvian Radio Choir

About this Artist

The LATVIAN RADIO CHOIR is one of Europe’s most highly demanded chamber choirs, and it performs in Latvia and abroad about 60 times a year. The choir’s repertoire features a wide variety of genres, from Renaissance and Baroque music to modern music. Each year the repertoire is supplemented by new opuses from a number of Latvian composers who compose music specifically for the ensemble. The Latvian Radio Choir can also be called a sound laboratory. The members regularly diversify their vocal arsenal, focusing on the secrets of traditional singing, as well as the art of quarter-tone and supratone singing. Each member is an individual with a specific name and concrete vocal and stage missions. Accordingly, the choir is regularly a hero not just at traditional concerts, but also at performances with theatrical elements and multi-media presentations.

The Latvian Radio Choir regularly appears at musical festivals in Europe and the United States. It releases new CDs on an average of three or four times per season, working with recording houses such as BIS, GB Records, Ondine Naïve, etc. It is one of the four founders of the Tenso association of professional choirs in Europe. The choir has received the Latvian Great Music Prize nine times for its professional achievements. Since 1992, it has had two conductors – artistic director and chief conductor Sigvards Kļava, and conductor Kaspars Putniņš.