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Siudy Garrido

About this Artist

Dancer, Artistic Director, and choreographer SIUDY GARRIDO, Drama Desk’s 2011 outstanding choreography nominee, is one of today’s most impressive beauties in the dance scene. She has been hailed not only by fans, but also by media around the world. “Mesmerizing,” “first-class,” “perfection,” and “a queen” are among the media’s descriptions of celebrated dancer Siudy Garrido. Today, she is recognized worldwide as a barrier-breaking artist, swirling traditional and contemporary techniques into a brand of flamenco that’s entirely her own.

Celebrated for her captivating stage presence, Siudy Garrido balances the need to take the art form in exciting new directions with a reverence for the flamenco tradition. This approach maintains the purity of the rhythms and lines of flamenco, while marking her out as one of the most exciting figures in the new order. In 2000 Siudy Garrido founded her own company, and since then she has choreographed five outstanding shows: “Caminos Flamencos” with a wonderful debut in Disney’s Epcot Center; “En Cuerpo y Alma” (2003); “Bailaora” (2005), which received Honorable Mention of Excellence from the City of Caracas; “Between Worlds” (2008), which was shown for three months in 2011 on Off-Broadway stages and was nominated for Outstanding Choreography at the Drama Desk Awards; and “Flamenco Intimo” (2013).

She is an energetic and evocative dancer, and has collaborated with pop and urban artists such as Romeo Santos and Alejandro Sanz, among others, and participated in several opera and orchestra collaborations, including the Pittsburg Opera and the Simón Bolîvar Symphony Orchestra.