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Lucilla Galeazzi

About this Artist

LUCILLA GALEAZZI comes from Umbria with a classic voice; controlled, refined, and yet so full of spirit it absolutely explodes.

While studying at the university in Rome she discovered Umbrian folk music. In 1977 she joined Giovanna Marini’s vocal quartet, with which she collaborated until 1994 on numerous concerts and discs. In 1982 she created her own show dedicated to Italian songs of the 1960s, Un sogno cosi. She has also taken part in shows by Roberto de Simone: Stabat mater for the Naples Opera, Carmina Vivvisea (1988), Processo e martirio du Giovanni d’arco (1989) for Pisa Opera, and Requiem for P.P. Pasolini for the San Carlo Theater. In 1987 she founded her group, Il Trillo, with Ambrogio Sparagna and Carlo Rizzo.

Galeazzi has collaborated with contemporary music and jazz artists such as musicians from ARFI in Lyon, the jazz trombonist G. Schiaffi in his work Tautovox, with the bassist Paolo Damiani, and with the guitarist Claude Barthélemy in the show La gomme. She performs in the Trio Rouge with jazz tubist Michel Godard and cellist Vincent Courtois.