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Joe Fria


About this Artist

JOE FRIA has worked with Zoo District theater company, Circle X, The Powerhouse, the Met Theater, The Evidence Room, Orphean Circus and is a current member of The Sacred Fools.  Fools credits include Gorey Stories, Drood!, Act a Lady, Beaverquest! Watson, and Stoneface.  Joe is the recipient of several LA theater awards including the LA Weekly award for Best Comedic Performance in the musical Laura Comstock’s Bag Punching Dog. He has worked at professional houses in town such as ICT, The Geffen, and Center Theatre Group. Recent TV/Film appearances include Chevy Chase’s dad on Community and a hit man’s mechanic in the feature Guido.  Joe is currently in production on another feature film, playing the lead in the absurdist buddy comedy Speedwagon.