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The Fixx

About this Artist

Hailing from England, THE FIXX has been often heralded as one of the most innovative bands to come out of the MTV era. The style and substance of the band has always created a special connection with its audience. The Fixx’s themes are often complex, introspective and thought-provoking and it’s also been mass appeal with three #1 hits, five in the Top Five, a dozen reaching the Top Ten and millions of albums sold worldwide.

Instantly recognizable, The Fixx sound is unmistakably unique and stands out among the thousands of artists filling the airwaves. Songs such as “One Thing Leads To Another”, “Red Skies” and “Saved By Zero” remain everyday staples on the playlists of the rock, Hot AC and alternative radio stations that continue to break new acts inspired the era that The Fixx helped to define. It is rare for an audience to experience a band that has continued to thrive for twenty-five years. The Fixx were, and still are- Cy Curnin on vocals, Rupert Greenall on keyboards, Jamie West-Oram on guitar, Adam Woods on drums, and recently reacquired bassist Dan K. Brown, who returns after spending nearly a decade with The Fixx, at the height of it’s popularity. Currently working on songs for its ninth studio release, The Fixx began their career with MCA Records and the gold selling album “Shuttered Room” which spent an entire year on the Billboard Hot 100 and spawned the hit single “Stand Or Fall”. Next came 1983’s ground breaking “Reach The Beach”, a double-platinum selling effort which including the singles “Saved By Zero” and “One Thing Leads To Another”. They also embarked on a North American tour with The Police, which earned The Fixx critical acclaim and lifelong fans for their songs and captivating performances.

A surprise hit for The Fixx on Billboard’s Hot Club Play chart was “Deeper and Deeper” from the soundtrack of the 1984 film “Streets Of Fire”. The band continued ahead with a string of top selling albums, “Phantoms” included “Are We Ourselves?”, and “Walkabout” produced the hit single “Secret Separation”.

Departing MCA for RCA Records, The Fixx release “Calm Animals” featured the single “Driven Out” which soared to the top of the charts and ended the year as the #4 most played rock song of 1989 according to Billboard. MCA then release a greatest hits package which sold more than two million copies.

The 1990’s represented a turning point in music and for The Fixx. The decade began with the release of “Ink” from which the single “How Much Is Enough?” climbed into the Modern Rock top ten. But then, after a decade together, with the then-burgeoning grunge scene dominating music, and with families to raise the band decided to take time apart from one another and finally pursue other interests, while letting the musical world decide where it was going.

After a hiatus, the band returned to the studio in 1997. “Elemental” marked a new, contemporary evolution in the band’s history, blending the familiar Fixx signature sound with a fresh, compelling, modern feel. 2003’s “Want This Life” became the eighth studio album and included the singles “Are You Satisfied?” and the infectiously danceable, “You Don’t Have To Prove Yourself”.

Live, in concert, the band delivers that same sonic authenticity fans have come to expect from their performances because The Fixx is the genuine article, the real deal. Concert-goers, whether longtime fans, or experiencing The Fixx for the very first time, are thrilled by the band’s dynamic stage presence and trademark sound.

Now, as The Fixx prepares to release its 10th studio album “Beautiful Friction” produced by Nick Jackson, and mixed by longtime collaborator, Stephen W. Tayler, this new collection of songs, called “among their very best yet” will allow The Fixx to prove once again that they are always evolving and seeking new musical horizons. With their combination of classic hits, and innovative new music, The Fixx continues to excite and inspire, both recorded, and in concert. For more information, contact Imago Management at (818) 570-2111 or