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Reynaldo González Fernández

About this Artist

Born in Matanzas, Cuba in 1967, REYNALDO GONZÁLEZ FERNÁNDEZ has been dancing, singing and playing percussion since early childhood. He has learned and absorbed the rich living traditions of secular and ritual music and dance, which have their roots in the African Yoruba music, and for which his native city is particularly known.

After graduating from the Escuela para Instructores de Arte in 1984, González became one of the principal dancers and choreographers for the prominent Cuban group, Afro-Cuba de Matanzas. He has been dancing professionally for 25 years, during which time he has performed and appeared on television in Cuba and on tour in the United States, South America, Central Africa, Europe, and Australia.

González has been initiated as an Ilu-bata (owner of ritual bata drums) and a priest of Oshun in a Regla de Ocha (Santeria). He was appointed to serve as an artistic director for the Lucumi Center of the Orishas in Providence, RI in 2003.

Since moving to the United States, González has been performing and teaching Afro-Cuban dance and percussion classes privately and in dance studios and universities throughout New England, California, New York City, Washington, and Philadelphia, among others. His unique personal style incorporates and lends itself to any contemporary dance technique. His classes are open to professionals and to beginners as well.