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dublab soundsystem

About this Artist

The DUBLAB SOUNDSYSTEM is a collective of the planet's most progressive music selectors. dublab sessions cross genres and defy classification. Each dj digs deep to find rare gems. Their mission is to share beautiful music with wide open ears. Whether dublab is bringing dance floors to a boil, exploring magic experimentalism or spinning far out, eclectic sets lucky listeners will absorb all shades of future roots sound.

dublab soundsystem selectors:

Ale (Languis), Allen (Plug Research), Jay Babcock (Arthur Magazine), Tom Chasteen, Daedelus, Derelict, E.Moss (Backyard Bangers), Farmer Dave (All Night Radio/Beachwood Sparks), Flynn & Morpho, frosty (Adventure Time), Hoseh, Simon James (Projections), Kutmah, Carlos NiÒo (Ammoncontact), Nobody, and Jimmy Tamborello (Dntel/Postal Service/Figurine).