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Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear)

About this Artist

ED DROSTE was born in Massachusetts in 1978. He is the founding member of the Brooklyn band Grizzly Bear, which has played sold out shows at both Walt Disney Concert Hall (in 2008, with the Los Angeles Philharmonic) and the Hollywood Bowl (in 2010, with Phoenix). Ed is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter who, in addition to releasing three full-length records with Grizzly Bear, has contributed vocals on the recordings of many other artists, including Beirut, Fleet Foxes, and Owen Pallett. Ed grew up in a musical household; his grandfather was the head of the music department at Harvard for nearly 40 years, his mom was a music teacher, and his aunt was a cellist. Notwithstanding, he taught himself music and has never been formally trained. Before he began studying at NYU, Ed travelled to Italy and Zimbabwe to do community work and teach, and it was in the early 2000s that he began working on what started as a solo musical project called Grizzly Bear. The first full-length record was 2004’s Horn of Plenty, which became a favorite of critics, drawing comparisons with Neil Young, Animal Collective, and Nick Drake. The positive response has only grown with the following two albums; the band is working on its next release.