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About this Artist

Jimmy Tamborello is DNTEL, and he makes electronic music with not only Dntel (since 1994), but also with his space-age, dance-floor 80s-insired band Figurine, not to mention as one half of the poptronica superstar duo, the Postal Service (with Ben Gibbard). While Jimmy’s music has been released worldwide over the years on labels including Sub Pop, Kompakt, Plug Research, Phthalo, 555, and ~Scape, Jimmy remains extremely active in his local LA music scene: he’s a former KXLU DJ, present DJ at, and co-hosts a monthly night of DJs in town. Dntel’s hauntingly beautiful record Life Is Full Of Possibilities (Plug Research) combines melancholy melodies with an assortment of electronic production styles. He enlisted some friends to add vocals and guitar with the results ranging from minimal techno to pop songs buried in static, cut-up acoustic guitars, sampled symphonies struggling to find somewhere to settle, found sounds, and blissed-out drones. Guests on the record include Chris Gunst (Beachwood Sparks, ex-Strictly Ballroom), Mia Doi Todd (solo artist, City Zen records), Meredith Figurine (Figurine), Rachel Haden (solo artist, ex-That Dog), and Benjamin Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie), plus guitar by Paul Larson (Athalia, ex-Strictly Ballroom) and Brian McMahan (The For Carnation, ex-Slint). Jimmy is currently working on new full lengths as Dntel and James Figurine.