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Del Monte Flamenco

About this Artist

Tracing the migration of the gypsies from Rajasthan, India, as they took the rhythmic flavor and movement of Rajasthan’s classical court dance, kathak, through the Middle East and Spain to Morocco, DEL MONTE FLAMENCO / ANJANI’S KATHAK mix flamenco and kathak in a unique collaborative performance, to be premiered at the Hollywood Bowl. From the stylized mudra (hand gestures) of kathak and the graceful hand/finger rotation of flamenco, to the long, hand-driven nails used in the zapateados of flamenco heelbeat and the ghungroo (the five pound brass ankle bells used percussively), the collaboration will resonate with the exhilarating and fascinating intricacies and similarities of the dance forms. Expect spellbinding flamenco solos and music, intoxicating kathak pieces set to Indian rhythms and special set pieces where both dance forms intertwine.